SWA Fact Sheet: Storing Chemicals in the Workplace

SWA Fact Sheet: Storing Chemicals in the Workplace

SafeWork Australia has released a guide outlining some of the common health and safety risks of storing chemicals and shows ways to manage those risks. It includes a storage checklist that sets out the standard precautions everyone should take and a detailed chart that shows which types of chemicals to separate and by how far.

If you store, handle or use hazardous chemicals at your workplace you need to have a hazardous chemical register.

A manifest provides information on hazardous chemicals for use by emergency services, and a site plan helps emergency services by providing information about the layout of the workplace.

If you store swimming pool chemicals – make sure they are kept in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.

This guide is for small to medium business owners who use and store chemicals in their workplace.

View Fact Sheet Here

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