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Trinitas consultants complete all building inspections using our enterprise hazardous materials Inspection app ‘STELLA’. STELLA allows our consultants to capture site building data and instantly generate the following:

  • Chain of custody reports
  • Air monitoring field notes
  • Asbestos Registers
  • Asbestos Management plans
  • Clearance Certificates
  • Dashboard reporting
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Client Online Portal Access

All our clients receive free Trinitas Online Portal Access where they are able to:

  • Track project progress live for each building
  • Access and download reports
  • Print QR codes

QR Codes

Our Online Portal allows users to generate and print QR codes registers and management plans. The QR Codes can be displayed on buildings where workers will be able to scan and download the most current asbestos register for the buildings they are working in.

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STELLA is used by our consultants to capture building and asbestos data. Throughout the lifecycle of a project, we provide our clients with the following data:

  • Total asbestos risks for the client according to risk rating
  • Total asbestos risk ratings per site
  • Estimated asbestos removal costs per building

The data that we capture and present to our client, enables our clients to have informed conversations with their insurance brokers / insurers on:

  • Building insurance policies
  • Adequate cover within policies for asbestos removal/clean-up sub-limits
  • Consequential loss indemnity period cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Trinitas Group develop its own HAZMAT Building Inspection APP?

Traditionally, asbestos and hazardous materials consulting services can be expensive and knowing who to engage and trust to provide these services can be quite daunting. As a result, Trinitas Group together with its I.T company Vinci Software ( spent over 5 years researching and developing an I.T solution to enable our asbestos and HAZMAT consultants to complete the following services directly onto a PC Tablet:

  • HAZMAT/Asbestos building inspections
  • Chain of custody reports
  • Air monitoring field notes
  • Registers
  • Management plans
  • Asbestos clearance inspections and issue clearance certificates

The elimination of report writing time, associated with HAZMAT/Asbestos registers, management plans and clearance certificates allows us to pass on cost savings to our clients, essentially reducing the average asbestos and hazardous materials management service by 30%.

Trinitas Group’s expert knowledge of national WHS legislation coupled with its asbestos and hazardous materials services offerings, allows us to provide organisations with the most cost-effective, independent and accurate asbestos and hazardous materials management solutions currently available.


What are the benefits of Trinitas Groups HAZMAT Building Inspection APP?

  • Fast report turnaround times.
  • Instant generation of registers, management plans, chain of custody reports and clearance certificates.
  • Client access to our user-friendly dashboard reporting function and online portal


How long have we been using the Hazmat App?

Over the last 5 years Trinitas Group has conducted thousands of Asbestos and HAZMAT building inspections using our enterprise HAZMAT App on a range of facilities including but not limited to small and large residential premises, universities, large commercial and industrial complexes, healthcare facilities and childcare centres


How do we use the HAZMAT App in the field?

Tablets are used by Trinitas Group consultants in the field to record as much information as possible. This ensures that our team is able to instantly and accurately record occurrences into the HAZMAT APP as they find them resulting in a reduced turnaround time.


How do we use the HAZMAT App in the Office?

Trinitas Groups Quality Assurance team have extensive experience in reviewing the results of building inspections entered into our HAMZAT APP and ensuring that registers meet the client’s requirements and Trinitas Groups rigorous standards.


What are the benefits of online portal access?

Trinitas Group have developed enterprise Case Management Software which enables our clients to log onto a cloud-based portal and track key project milestones in real time.

Example milestones which can be viewed by our clients via the online portal access include:

  • Scheduling of individual site inspections
  • Site inspection completed
  • Inspection report in the QA stage
  • Completed site inspection report ready for download and review by the client

The online portal can also be used by client site staff to access reports and documentation, which allows for a centralised storage location of all documentation.

Trinitas Group are also able to provide QR codes for our clients to display on assets/locations. Contractors prior to starting works can use a QR scanner on their smart phone to scan the QR code and download current HAZMAT/asbestos management documentation including registers and management plans.

The will ensure contractors always have access to the most recent hazmat/asbestos registers.

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