Asbestos uncovered at Gladstone council facility

Asbestos uncovered at Gladstone council facility

Gladstone Regional Council has confirmed that traces of both bonded and friable asbestos have been discovered at the Derby Street facility.

Testing was undertaken in February of 2020, and the results indicated no traces of asbestos, but subesequent testing in May this year found traces of bonded and friable asbestos-containing materials and trace asbestos fibres in soil.

The council closed the facility following the positive test and has reported the findings to its employees and relevant unions, Department of Environment and Science, and the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy.

The consultants responsible for the testing believe that, following both soil and air testing of the site, the risk of exposure is low, and within acceptable levels.

The CEO of Gladstone Regional Council explained that control measures have been taken at the site and that the council is arranging for remediation works in the coming weeks.

“Gladstone Regional Council is working with the relevant experts and authorities, including the Department of Environment and Science, in order to remove the asbestos fibres from the Derby Street Pad,” Ms Dowling said.

“Council adopts a transparent approach to our communications and understand there may be concerns with respect to this discovery.

“Employee and community safety and the health of our environment remain Council’s priority.”

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