Penrith manufacturer fined $90,000 over WHS accident

Penrith manufacturer fined $90,000 over WHS accident

A Penrith metal tubing manufacturer has faced court over an accident in which a worker was seriously injured loading steel coils into machinery.

Trans Vent Spiral Tubing was charged with two breaches of the WHS Act 201.

During the investigation into the incident, it was discovered that a worker for TVST was operating a forklift without a license, and during that work picked up a metal coil with the forklift to load into a machine.

The worker then left the forklift to inspect the coil and its angle to the machinery when the 350kg coil fell on his leg, crushing it and causing it to break.

TVST were fined $90,000 over the incident after it was discovered they did not have a SWMS in place in regards to uncontrolled and unsecured loads.

Valerie Griswold, Executive Director of Investigations and Enforcement for SafeWork explained that the situation exemplified the necessity of safe work method statements.

“These coils are very heavy and become a serious danger when they’re in the air,” Ms Griswold said.

“However, the risk could have been eliminated with adequate safe work planning.

“One way to avoid having an unsecured load is to use a jib or sling and ensure only workers with a valid high-risk licence can operate a forklift.”


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