Worker injured during asbestos removal work

Worker injured during asbestos removal work

“We’ve initiated our treatments and stabilised him at the scene and we are transporting him to Wollongong Hospital for further treatment.

“We didn’t have to do any CPR. He was what we call hyperventilating, so we intubated him and started breathing for him.”

The University explained in a statement that the man was a contractor and completing asbestos remediation works.

“The University is concerned about the man’s wellbeing and is in the process of contacting his employer and family to express support at this time,” the statement said.

“University staff are investigating the incident and will assist NSW workplace safety authorities with any investigation as needed.

“Demolition works have been underway at the site since November to remove old student accommodation buildings that are longer in use.”

The worker remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Image credit Illawarra Mercury.

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