Illegal asbestos dumped at Tweed Heads

Illegal asbestos dumped at Tweed Heads

Tweed Heads Fire and Rescue NSW crews have attended the site of illegal asbestos dumping at Stotts Island and Wooyung.

At the Wooyung site, which has historically been a common dumping site for the material, contained approximately 150 kilograms of contaminated sheeting.

The Stotts Island site also contained asbestos sheeting and was found by the the side of the road.

Contractors for Tweed Shire Council ensured that the material was sprayed and wrapped before disposing of it.

Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre has strict rules around the disposal of asbestos-containing material, whereby it must be dampened and staff must be notified. 

Deputy Mayor Chris Cherry said the council was desperate to stop the illegal dumping of asbestos in the area and explained that he favoured a ‘name and shame’ approach to those responsible.

“These kinds of cowboys that are dumping illegally, they’re putting others at risk,” she said.

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