Breaking: worker dies at Eastern Creek worksite

Breaking: worker dies at Eastern Creek worksite

A worker has died and another is seriously injured after an incident at a worksite in Eastern Creek, Sydney. Ambulance and resuce crews were called to Dial-A-Dump landfill off Kangaroo Avenue close to 1pm EST.

It is understood that both men were trapped under landfill and debris after a collision with a heavy vehicle carrying waste material.

While fellow workers sought to dig through what is being reported as “several tons” of rubbish, one of the men succumbed to crush injuries and died at the scene.

It took rescuers at least 15 minutes to reach the surviving worker and free him, who was transported to hospital. During this extraction, the body of the second person was discovered.

Several emergency crews attended the scene including the air ambulance, along with police and firefighting crews.

Police have established a crime scene and SafeWork NSW has issued a comment below:

This is the latest in a string of NSW workplace fatalities, following the death of a worker at Strathfield last week. It brings the total workplace deaths this year in Australia to 58, only four less than this time last year.

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