Lendlease launch new safety campaign

Lendlease launch new safety campaign

One of Australia’s largest construction companies has launched a new nation-wide safety campaign to help keep workers safe. Enlisting the help of mothers of Lendlease workers, the campaign focuses on cutting through safety jargon and simply keeping safety a priority for the sake of mums.

In 2017, Lendlease’s chief executive Steve McCann highlighted safety challenges at the company’s AGM after three workers were killed on their construction sites in the previous eight months – one of them in Sydney while working on the Northconnex project.

“When it comes to safety there is simply no margin for error,” Mr McCann said. “Our people are our greatest asset, and we won’t get it right until we start thinking about everyone on our projects as if they are our brother, sister, son or daughter.”

The campaign has been implemented across all major Lendlease sites, from worksite messaging through to break rooms. The campaign has also received international recognition for its dynamic and straightforward messaging.

The hope is that the greater awareness around workplace safety will contribute towards reducing incidents and deaths in the workplace, which currently stands at 56, most of which occurred in NSW. It is only six fewer than this time last year.

More information can be found at the Lendlease safety site.


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