WorkSafe QLD investigating incident at ride at Cairns Showgrounds

WorkSafe QLD investigating incident at ride at Cairns Showgrounds

The cause of an incident at the Cairns showgrounds during which a woman plummeted several metres from a ride, is yet to be determined as authorities continue to investigate.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening when the 25-year-old woman fell from one of the rides at the carnival.

Organisers of the event have expressed their concern over the incident via their website: “As organisers of Showfest, we have been given absolutely no details of the young lady, or her family, or any specific reasons for the cause of the accident,” it said.

“It is also accepted that many people present were thoroughly stressed by the incident, and this is the opposite of what the organisers set out to do by bringing the event to Cairns this week.”

Emergency services attended the scene on Saturday evening and transported the woman to hospital where she is in a stable condition. Paramedics said in a statement following the incident, the woman  sustained serious and traumatic injuries to the head and spine, after colliding with several parts of the ride when she fell, which was estimated to be around 30 metres.

“All emergency responders who were exceptional in handling the incident, arriving almost immediately to assist the lady and make practical arrangements. We are grateful for their incredible response,” Showfest said.

“We are working closely with Cairns Police, WHS, and emergency responders, who are investigating the incident,” the organisers said.

The company has since deleted its social media following the incident after users speculated over the potential cause.

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