Worker’s leg amputated after being trapped in machinery

Worker’s leg amputated after being trapped in machinery

A 35-year-old worker at a meat processing facility in the Macarthur region has undergone a leg amputation after a workplace accident.

The worker was injured at the Inghams Poultry Processing Plant at Tahmoor when he became trapped in machinery, believed to be an ice-grinder.

A total of six ambulance crews attended the scene, where paramedics worked to free the man. He underwent a below-knee amputation to free him from the machinery.

Following the amputation, the worker was treated by specialist paramedics and placed in an induced coma before being flown to Liverpool Hospital in a serious condition.

A spokesperson from Inghams explained in a statement that they had been “working with emergency services to do everything it can to support and aid an employee who has been injured in a serious workplace incident.

“The employee’s family is on their way to the hospital and will be given all possible assistance and support. Fellow employees are being provided with counselling.”

SafeWork NSW has confirmed it is investigating the incident. Inghams has said it will work alongside SafeWork during the investigation.


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