Asbestos and mould warnings after flooding

Asbestos and mould warnings after flooding

As large swathes of the country are affected by flooding, homeowners are reminded to consider the safety of their properties when they are permitted to return by authorities.

Flood damage can affect properties in different ways, and the following is general advice, and should not replace directives from government authorities or your insurer.

The safety of people is always the highest priority in consideration of flooding. Make sure you have the all-clear from authorities or local government agencies before you return to your property.

Asbestos is a major consideration after flooding, especially in many regional centres where the average age of the buildings may mean that asbestos is likely to be present. Damage to skirting, or to damp areas of the home may expose historical asbestos use. In the instance that it is suspected, contact a licensed assessor.

If the flood damage is significant enough to warrant demolition, it is essential to ensure that an asbestos management plan is put in place before any work begins. Hazardous Materials Units of local fire brigades may be able to assist if the damage poses immediate threat to you or your local area.

The other consideration following a flood event is the moisture level in the home and working to prevent mould outbreaks. Drying out the property, and assessing the damage, along with removing any damp items that cannot be salvaged, can go a long way to preventing mould from occurring.

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