New survey shows half of NSW homes have mould outbreaks

New survey shows half of NSW homes have mould outbreaks

A survey by consumer advocate group, Finder, has revealed that close to half of all residents in New South Wales have, or are currently, dealing with a mould problem after an unseasonably damp winter.

The research conducted by Finder showed that one-third of Australians have mould in their homes, and 34 per cent reported damp conditions. The exact relative humidity was not provided in the report.

Of the 46 per cent of NSW residents who admitted to dealing with a mould outbreak, 25 per cent indicated they were struggling with a significant mould outbreak.

Insurance expert from Finder, Gary Hunter, told that there had been ideal conditions for mould in the first half of the year.

“Millions of Aussies are making shock discoveries inside their homes, cars and sheds,” Mr Hunter said.

“Following months of prolonged wet weather, many people are shutting up their homes due to the cold snap and turning their heaters on, which is further exacerbating the issue.”

Mr Hunter explained that it’s worth investigating damp areas of the home where mould is found, and persisting to find a resolution.

“A lot of people would have mould and would be completely unaware – it can be invisible or hidden on the underside of furniture or in areas they don’t normally look.”

“If you’re a renter, your landlord needs to make sure the property is ‘fit for habitation’ which includes having adequate ventilation.”

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