Three month suspension for asbestos assessor

Three month suspension for asbestos assessor

South Australia’s workplace safety regulator has issued a licenced asbestos assessor with a three-month suspension.

The state is currently undertaking a state-wide asbestos compliance campaign for those who hold licenses. The compliance blitz is auditing clearance inspections by asbestos assessors, following the removal of asbestos material by license holders. 

In the case of the three-month suspension, the investigation by SafeWork SA found that the assessor had issued a clearance certificate without undertaking the appropriate and effective clearance inspection to determine that the area was safe for normal use. 

Martyn Campbell, Executive Director of SafeWork SA, explained that “evidence obtained during our audits clearly show that the licence holder failed to take reasonable care to carry out asbestos assessor work safely and competently.”

“We will not tolerate poor performance in regards to licensed asbestos assessor practices. Failure to comply with the asbestos regulations can lead to long term health effects on workers and others.

“An asbestos licence holder must have a greater understanding of the asbestos legislation and code of practices. An expectation exists amongst the community, including the business community, that the engagement of a licence holder will give them some certainty that compliance with the legislation is being met.”

The assessor will be unable to provide asbestos assessments during the suspension period, and will also be required to successfully complete a training course titled “Conduct asbestos assessment associated with removal.”

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