Construction giant facing $1.5 in penalties over workplace incident

Construction giant facing $1.5 in penalties over workplace incident

New South Wales construction giant John Holland Pty Ltd is facing charges under federal work health and safety legislation, after a workplace incident near Grafton, where the company is currently building a new prison.

The project, the Clarence Correctional Centre, is estimated to be worth $700 million.

The incident occurred at the worksite in February of 2019. A labour-hire employee was completing work on the roof of the building when he fell through a hole that had been covered with plywood boards.

He fell five metres and sustained only minor injuries. However, following the investigation by ComCare, a charge has been filed by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and alleges that the company failed in its duties as per the WHS Act.

The matter is scheduled to be heard in Downing Centre Local Court in April, where the company will answer the allegations of failing to provide and maintain safe systems of work. The charge is a category two offence, which means it carries a maximum penalty of $1.5 million.

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