Sydney worker critically injured after 10m fall

Sydney worker critically injured after 10m fall

A worker has been injured after falling ten metres from a roof at a workplace in south-western Sydney.

Emergency services including four ambulance crews and a specialist medical team attended the site in Moorebank around half past eight this morning.

The worker, a man in his forties, has been transported to Liverpool Hospital with serious leg injuries.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Craig Watkins said it was a timely reminder to take “all precautions” when at work.

“Incidents at a worksite can be extremely complex and this shows just how quickly a situation can change,” he said.

“It goes without saying that you shouldn’t underestimate how dangerous a worksite can be.

“When emergency services respond to such an incident, e want to minimise risk to those around and also minimise our exposure to any further risks.

“This man is seriously lucky not to have sustained more serious injuries.”

WorkSafe NSW has confirmed they are investigating the cause of the incident, supported by the NSW Police.

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