Works at Charles Darwin University site halted after asbestos uncovered

Works at Charles Darwin University site halted after asbestos uncovered

The $250m construction project at Charles Darwin University in Darwin has been delayed after asbestos was discovered during excavation works at the site.

Signage has been erected at the site, and a CDU spokesman has explained that the amount of asbestos-containing material at the site was minor.

“CDU was advised by its excavation contractor that minor asbestos debris had been found on the Education and Community Precinct site,” the spokesman said.

“The pieces located are fragments about the size of a 50-cent coin and of small concentrations.”

The spokesman explained that the fragments are likely the result of previous asbestos removal projects at the site.

“This is unfortunate but not unexpected,” he said. “Under the contractor’s Unexpected Find Protocol, the suspect material was tested for asbestos and returned a positive reading.

“The contractor immediately halted works in the area. The contractor engaged its registered asbestos removalist and an environmental consultant to begin works on the mitigation and removal strategies.

“All relevant authorities have been notified, and work is being conducted safely, in accordance with all relevant standards.”

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