Safe Work Month begins today

Safe Work Month begins today

The national safety regulator has today launched its 2020 initiative for Safe Work Month, which runs until the end of October. SafeWork Australia has run a national campaign for eleven consecutive years now, aimed at raising awareness of workplace health and safety, and providing a comprehensive range of resources for Australian businesses, to inform and offer them the opportunity to run their own Safe Work Month events.

SafeWork Australia has used the start of the month-long campaign to remind the broader community that workplace injury and illness affects a wide portion of the population. Preliminary data from the regulator shows that as many as 180 workers lost their lives in 2019, and an estimated 107,000 people made a workers’ compensation claim for serious injury or illness.

SafeWork has reminded the population that no one should be unsafe at work, and injury and death in the workplace is entirely unacceptable, while encouraging people to come together to make a difference.

Understandably, the theme for this year is Work Health and Safety through COVID-19, which acknowledges the significant impacts of COVID-19 upon Australian businesses, employers and employees.

Australian business have had to adapt their workplace practices and safety procedures in line with the increased risks arising from COVID-19, while also being mindful of the psychological effects that the pandemic has had on workforces.

The theme looks to highlight the positive outcomes that have come from the pandemic and the clearly significant role WHS plays in protecting the safety of workers nationwide.

The calendar for Safe Work Month is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Businesses are encouraged to join National Safe Work Month
  • Week 2 – Navigating mental health through COVID-19
  • Week 3 – Using data to make workplaces safer
  • Week 4 – A safe and healthy workplace is for everyone, and
  • Week 5 – Keeping WHS a priority.

A range of workplace safety tools and guides, as well as workplace posters, are available, and PCBUs in each state are encouraged to register their interest and participate in local and state-wide initiatives. More information is available from Safe Work Australia.

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