Queensland mine worker sues Fortescue, Rio Tinto & others for $3.2M over silicosis diagnosis

Queensland mine worker sues Fortescue, Rio Tinto & others for $3.2M over silicosis diagnosis

A Queensland mine worker has launched legal action against his former employers, many of whom are mining heavyweights, over his silicosis diagnosis.

Che-Leon Anderson has commenced legal action against BMA, Busby Buildings, Golding Contractors, Fortescue Metals, Wesfarmers, Rio Tinto, Thiess and several others following his silicosis diagnosis, which has advanced to progressive massive fibrosis.

Anderson is suing for damages of $3.6 million. He was employed in mining-based roles at various companies between 2001 and 2018, including as a labourer, carpenter and truck driver. He claims that he was exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust during this time while carrying out his duties.

Within the statement of claim is information about his diagnosis, which notes that he now suffers from a “30 per cent whole person impairment”. The same document also notes his “substantially reduced” life expectancy.

The statement of claim also notes that he requires ongoing medical and surgical treatment.

Mr Anderson claims that the numerous companies failed to take any, or any adequate, precautions for his safety – he believes the disease could have been avoided by the companies exercising reasonable care.

The statement of claim says the incidents “occurred in circumstances that were motivated by extreme profit and in disregard for the plaintiff’s safety, health and rights”.

A defence has not yet been filed by any of the defendants in the matter.

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