Queensland launches new world-first silicosis testing bus

Queensland launches new world-first silicosis testing bus

Queensland has become the first state in Australia to introduce a mobile health unit, specially developed by the Palaszczuk Government, in partnership with Heart of Australia, to assist in detecting mine dust lung diseases.

It is a world-first model and was announced last week as it left Brisbane to regional areas to begin its work.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart explained that “Delivering HEART 5 was a commitment of the Palaszczuk Government, and I’m thrilled to announce it’s hitting the road.”

“HEART 5 is a revolutionary piece of technology that will bring high-quality respiratory health screenings to mine and quarry workers in regional and remote parts of the state.”

“This means workers won’t have to travel as far to access highly specialised services, ensuring earlier detection and intervention in cases of mine dust lung diseases like black lung and silicosis.”

The vehicle contains an X-ray machine alongside the worlds first battery-powered high-resolution computerised tomography scanner or CT. The vehicle was made locally in Queensland.

“The robust vehicle was constructed in Narangba to the highest standards, in order to withstand the wear and tear of travelling through rural Queensland,” Mr Stewart said.

“I’d like to thank Heart of Australia and Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ), who have collaborated magnificently to deliver HEART 5.”

The capacity for the vehicle to perform CT Scans at mine sites is a world-first advance.

Mr Stewart explained that it continued the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to mine and quarry workers’ safety.

“We have implemented the toughest mine safety laws in the world, lowered allowable levels of dust exposure, prescribed requirements for monitoring and reporting, and enhanced health surveillance across the mining sector,” Mr Stewart said.

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