Mullumbimby Hospital asbestos concerns add $1.5 million to project costs

Mullumbimby Hospital asbestos concerns add $1.5 million to project costs

The Mullumbimby Hospital redevelopment has been slowed by the presence of asbestos, with the Council project facing significant delays despite it beginning back in January of 2019.

It was expected that the remediation would take 12 months to complete, but further asbestos at the site has hindered deadlines.

Specialist consultants have been completing the remediation and an additional environmental management plan and are working to contain and cap points of concern at the site.

Despite the delay, the Director of Infrastructure Services explained that the time-consuming process was necessary to ensure auditing and sign off steps in the process.

“There is a well-documented history of asbestos contamination in one hospital building and Council was aware of this when they bought it.

“No one was aware of the extent of the problem beyond the footprint of that building,” he explained.

The asbestos contamination at the site has meant that an additional $1.5 million will be required to complete the work.

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