Surf Coast & Geelong region on notice as regulators crack down on WHS & asbestos risks

Surf Coast & Geelong region on notice as regulators crack down on WHS & asbestos risks

The building boom across Victoria’s surf coast and the Greater Geelong area has seen regulators step up compliance checks with a focus on asbestos safety.

Home improvement throughout the region has seen a significant uptick throughout various lockdowns over the last two years, but renovators are being warned to do their due diligence regarding the presence of asbestos in homes, particularly those built before 1990.

The state’s safety regulator, in partnership with the Victorian Building Authority, Environmental Protection Authority, and Energy Safe Victoria, has launched the ‘Build Aware’ campaign. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that building and construction operators understand their health and safety obligations, and regulators will be out in force as part of a crackdown.

From November 22 to 26, regulators will be targeting Geelong, and agencies will be ensuring compliance on job sites, with a focus on vehicle safety, environmental concerns and early detection of non-compliance at sites.

“By joining forces with other regulators, we are placing a collective focus on providing safe buildings for Victorians.” VBA state-building surveyor Andrew Cialini said.

“It’s so important our inspectors engage with practitioners in addressing any issues observed. Compliant work helps keep Victorians safe.”

The start of the campaign also coincides with the start of National Asbestos Awareness Week, with one Geelong-based occupational hygiene consultancy company explaining that there had been an increase in DIY renovations recently, resulting in an increased risk of asbestos contact.

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