Two separate incidents of high-pressure cleaners used on asbestos in QLD

Two separate incidents of high-pressure cleaners used on asbestos in QLD

The Queensland workplace safety regulator has revealed the details of two incidents in August where they suspect that asbestos was released into the nearby environment through high-pressure water spray equipment.

The first incident occurred during a cleaning and painting job at a residential property. As part of the pre-painting cleaning tasks, a maintenance business used high-pressure water spray equipment on the property with an asbestos cement roof.

The result was asbestos-contaminated debris, and dust spread over the property, the garden, nearby homes, into the street and council drains, and a neighbour’s car.

A second incident occurred similarly when a painting contractor used a high-pressure water sprayer to clean a roof that also is suspected of containing asbestos material, which was then distributed throughout various parts of the property and two neighbouring residences.

In a statement, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has reminded residents that there is legislation in place in the state that prohibits the use of particular tools and methods when working with asbestos-containing, or suspected asbestos-containing, material.

In the state, it is illegal to use high-pressure water spray equipment or pressure washers on asbestos. PCBUs have a duty to ensure workers and the general public aren’t exposed to the risk to health that airborne asbestos poses.

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