Fly tipping remains an issue as Bristol county hunts for fly tippers

Fly tipping remains an issue as Bristol county hunts for fly tippers

Bristol county’s Coombe Dingle county has launched an investigation after a suspected illegal asbestos dumping was uncovered.

A local asbestos removal service said it believes the sheets of corrugated asbestos were dumped on the 15th of August by a man who was scheduled to begin working for them the next day, although this is yet to be verified by the investigation.

A council spokesman said: “The team are carrying out tests to determine if the corrugated sheeting is asbestos or not. No risk to local people has been flagged.”

The offence is punishable by a fine of up to £50,000, or 12 months in prison in the event of a conviction in a magistrates’ court. If it proceeds to a crown court, the fine limit is uncapped and perpetrators can face up to five years in prison.

On the perpetrator, the owner of the asbestos remediation business explained that “This guy is a rogue employee — not even an employee, because he hadn’t started yet. He abused our trust. I want him damned.

“This is a family business started by my dad in 1973. In all our time we’ve never had anything like this. After all those years our reputation has been damaged by some muppet.”

He added that he suspected the material to be asbestos. “It looks like bonded asbestos cement,” he added. “The only time it would be airborne would be if you put a circular saw through it.”

He added that once the issue had made the local news, and he was aware of it, he contacted the local council, and the waste was removed within 24 hours.

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