Asbestos discovered during Dunedin City Council office renovations

Asbestos discovered during Dunedin City Council office renovations

Staff at the Dunedin City Council office have been forced to work from home, after asbestos dust was discovered in the civic centre offices.

The material was found last week on the seventh floor of the facility, where repair and refurbishment works are currently been undertaken on the roof of the building. 

Council Chief Executive, Sandy Graham, explained that while it was only a small amount of material, the council had taken every available precaution to protect workers and tradespeople at the site. 

Staff normally working on that floor will work from home while specialist asbestos consultants investigate the material. 

Ms Graham also confirmed that WorkSafe NZ had been notified of the incident. 

It is understood that asbestos specialists have thoroughly cleaned the area, in addition to checking ceiling spaces and have completed air quality testing throughout the building.

“A small number are still working from home and we are working with them to ensure they feel comfortable returning to the civic centre,” Graham said.

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