Six food delivery platforms put on notice after safety blitz

Six food delivery platforms put on notice after safety blitz

SafeWork NSW has served six food delivery platforms with improvement notices after a safety blitz by the regulator uncovered widespread non-compliance with WHS legislation.

Kevin Anderson, Minister for Better Regulation, said he was putting the gig economy on notice when it was revealed that all but one of the delivery riders observed by investigators was found operating in an unsafe manner.

“What we’ve seen is disgraceful – riders out in the dark without high-vis, wearing thongs, cutting in front of trams, using mobile phones and giving passengers a lift while on the job,” Mr Anderson said.

“Enough is enough. In the last 12 months alone, four lives have been lost in this industry and I won’t sit on my hands while vulnerable workers are at risk.”

SafeWork has issued improvement notices to Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo, Yellow, Chowbus and Hungry Panda, for failing to inform and adequately instruct their workers around safe work practices and safety equipment.

The platforms are required to make the improvements in the next fortnight or risk a fine of $3,600, or face prosecution.

Investigators uncovered 90 per cent of riders with inadequate PPE, with 60 per cent unable to demonstrate work safety protocols having been provided to them.

SafeWork has explained that it will continue to crack down on unsafe work, with inspectors continuing their blitz on food delivery riders and handing out notices and penalties to those who fail to comply with NSW’s WHS laws.

“The message to operators is clear – safety must always come first, and we won’t hesitate to prosecute anyone who puts workers lives at risk. Lift your game, improve your systems and make sure riders are aware of how to stay safe on the roads or you will be caught, you will be fined and you will be called out.”

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