Asbestos uncovered in Agriculture Victoria offices

Asbestos uncovered in Agriculture Victoria offices

A building audit across key locations for Agriculture Victoria has found an increasing number of asbestos in research sites across the state. The organisation has several locations throughout the state and houses various scientists and research staff, with many locations found to have serious structural issues.

Some of the buildings are so badly damaged that they will be demolished, with the total cost of demolition and remediation of asbestos likely to reach $900,000.

One key building, the research facility in Ellinbank in Gippsland, has had to have its ceiling replaced three times despite only being constructed in 2007.

The state government has committed to clean up asbestos by the end of this year.

“A number of old and unsafe buildings at DJPR’s regional centres will be demolished in the coming months to improve health and safety at the site,” a Jobs, Precincts and Regions Department spokeswoman said.

“Some of the buildings earmarked for demolition contain asbestos, and this will be removed safely to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.”

Expert reports indicate that the amount of asbestos at the sites is mostly due to the age of the buildings.

Tenders have been advertised for the work, including asbestos remediation.

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