Safety alert issued for workers in NT after fatality

Safety alert issued for workers in NT after fatality

The Northern Territory safety regulator has issued a new safety alert after an incident on a cattle station involving unguarded machinery.

A worker suffered fatal injuries when they became entangled in the moving parts of a bore pump.

The initial investigation indicated that the worker’s clothing became caught in the pump’s moving parts. The belt and pulley mechanisms attached to the pump were unguarded.

NT WorkSafe has reminded PCBUs that there is a risk of serious injuries or fatalities when using unguarded machinery and noted that isolating a machine’s moving parts using guards is an option to reduce the risk of accidental contact.

It has also reminded operators that safety procedures need to be implemented, and understood when workers are required to undertake maintenance of the plant. They also need to ensure workers operating, or working near machines do not have ripped or loose items of clothing, hair, personal protective equipment or jewellery that may get caught.

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