Air emission control breach for 50 minutes costs company $8,000

Air emission control breach for 50 minutes costs company $8,000

An incinerator that encountered a power issue has led to a Victorian waste management company being fined by the Environmental Protection Authority.

The site, managed by Cleanaway Daniels Pty Ltd, experienced an issue with the power which led to an incinerator bypassing air emission controls. The breach lasted 50 minutes on the 8 of October last year but wasn’t reported until the 19 of that month.

“The bypass meant that the air emissions controls were not properly engaged and they should have let EPA know immediately,” said EPA Western Metropolitan Regional Manager Steve Lansdell.

“Cleanaway Daniels is well aware of its licence conditions and has clear plans in place to report to EPA in cases such as this. A fine of $8,261 sends a clear message to Cleanaway Daniels and all licence holders that we take licence conditions and reporting requirements very seriously,” said Mr Lansdell.

Under Environmental Protection Legislation, the company can decide to have the infringement notice reviewed or have the matter heard in court for determination.

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