Incident in SW Sydney leaves worker with severe burns

Incident in SW Sydney leaves worker with severe burns

A worker has suffered severe burns to his arms and body after a significant workplace incident in Sydney’s south-west this morning.

A NSW Ambulance spokesperson explained that the worker was believed to be in his sixties, and is “being treated at hospital for burns to his chest, back, torso, neck and arms.”

As many as four paramedic teams, as well as a critical care helicopter were dispatched to the incident site in Ingleburn this morning, just before 8am.

The worker is currently in the Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The spokeswoman for NSW Ambulance described the situation as “intense” when crews arrived.

“We arrived at quite an intense situation with people not only providing first aid to the man but others who were running around trying to put the fire out,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman also explained that the first-aid efforts of his co-workers assisted in the efforts of paramedics. “He suffered significant burns to his body, but thankfully when we arrived, he had been placed under cool running water.”

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