Workers legs crushed in workplace accident in Singleton

Workers legs crushed in workplace accident in Singleton

A worker has been rushed to hospital this morning after a serious workplace incident in Singleton left his legs crushed under steel plates.

Emergency services attended the scene at McDougall’s Hill just after 6:30 this morning, after reports of a worker that was trapped under a large weight.

It is understood that the worker was pinned in a shipping container when approximately 300 kilos of steel plates collapsed onto his legs.

Both NSW Fire and Rescue and a specialist medical team attended the scene and were forced to use specialist cutting equipment to free the man. He is currently in the John Hunter Hospital with serious lower leg injuries.

Inspector Peter Watts, the NSW Ambulance Duty Operations Manager, explained that the efforts to free the man were complicated.

“Accessing the patient to treat is always a priority, however, it is imperative that we take the time to evaluate the situation and the risks associated so that we don’t cause any further harm to the patient, or put ourselves in any danger,” he said.

“Our NSW Ambulance Rescue team did an amazing job, they were able to locate a forklift onsite which they used to support the load and cut through the side of the container to get the patient out.

“Once we are able to get to the patient, we were able to conduct a more thorough assessment, and unfortunately, he has suffered significant leg injuries.

“Our paramedics are highly trained to work under these intense circumstances and provide the best care possible.”

The incident is remarkably similar to an incident in February when a worker was crushed under stone sheeting in a shipping container, and unfortunately died from his injuries.

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