CFMMEU Officials assaulted on construction site

CFMMEU Officials assaulted on construction site

A Victorian CFMMEU official has been taken to hospital after he and a fellow union official were allegedly assaulted at a construction site this morning.

Victorian Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident at a Hawthorn East site on Toorak Road, and the road was closed in both directions as police attended the scene.

One of the union officials was taken to the nearby Alfred hospital with non-life-threatening injuries despite being transported from the site unconscious. He has since been released and the fellow official did not require hospital treatment.

A spokeswoman for the CFMMEU said that the two union officials arrived with “all their paperwork in order” and were subsequently “attacked” by up to seven men.

The union official requiring hospitalisation was allegedly struck by a piece of wood and kicked while he was on the ground unconscious.

Police confirmed that they remained on site after fellow CFMMEU officials attended the scene, to “ensure public order and that there was no breach of the peace”.


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