Inner-city Perth park found to contain asbestos

Inner-city Perth park found to contain asbestos

An inner-city park in Perth has begun asbestos remediation works after asbestos-containing material was discovered in the children’s playground.

Peachey Park, in Kewdale, has been closed to the public since September of 2019 when small amounts of asbestos-containing material was discovered at the site when the play equipment was refurbished.

The local council body, the City of Belmont, is legally obliged to disclose the cease work notice put in place and sought advice from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) and the Department of Health (DoH).

The City worked to develop an asbestos management plan, which was approved on the 8th of June, and works have resumed at the site.

The planned works include removal of asbestos-affected soil, replacement of contaminated soil with clean fill, and reinstating grassed areas following that soil remediation work.

Chief Executive of the City of Belmont, John Christie, explained that the amount of asbestos is difficult to determine due to the nature of the works carried out. He also emphasised that the asbestos-containing material remained buried and as such, did not pose a threat to public health.

Mr Christie explained that the source of the asbestos looks likely to have been contaminated fill used to turn the space from a wetland into a recreational area.

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