Asbestos uncovered at Western Sydney school

Asbestos uncovered at Western Sydney school

Students and staff at Castle Hill High School in Sydney’s west have raised concerns after asbestos was discovered in a roof cavity on the site earlier this year.

One staff member is reported to have raised concerns after they believed a piece of the ceiling fell into the classroom underneath.

A spokesman for the Department of Education explained that the risk of exposure was low. Classes have been moved to other buildings or rooms while remediation work was undertaken.

‘An independent hygienist has advised the potential for exposure to asbestos is low, however, staff who wish to be tested for asbestos-related conditions have been asked to consult their GP,’ he said.

Staff and students have had counselling services available, while concerned people can record their personal details on the National Asbestos Exposure Register, he explained.

‘The department acknowledges that even the smallest traces of hazardous materials can be an unsettling experience for our school communities.

‘The department’s role is to be vigilant across all schools, and to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff at all times.’

The NSW Education Department is yet to make a comment.

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