Tech advances to protect workers during pandemic

Tech advances to protect workers during pandemic

A new intelligence device has been introduced into the Australian market by Melbourne manufacturer Mideco and Newcastle tech company Pulse Mining Systems, aimed at reducing heat stress, viral infections and the risk of dust diseases like silicosis.

The device, called the Bat Booth 2.0, uses multiple daily temperature checks on workers to minimise risk factors for workers in high-hazard work forces. It is designed to reduce risk factors like respirable dust particles and heat stress factors.

It has been rushed into production as worksites nationwide battle with increasingly strict workplace safety conditions amid the global pandemic situation.

“We realised time was of the essence in fighting this pandemic; it’s like going to war,” Melton White, the managing director of Mideco said.

White has a background in maintenance on mine sites and has worked with Ash Bosworth at Pulse to develop the device, which is also aimed at providing a quick and cost-effective solution for workplaces. It takes 15 seconds to read temperature via an infrared camera and then workers are able to use a compressed air feature to de-dust their work clothing.

“We pivoted our development teams to work on this because it matters to people and industries all around the world. It may make the difference in some areas for mining and manufacturing to continue,” Bosworth said.

In the instance that a worker does record a temperature anomaly, both the worker and site managers, whether they are local or remote, are notified.

Mideco is working with other industry leaders across the country to implement the device to improve OHS practises in other high-risk areas such as agriculture, glass and stone cutting and engineering roles.

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