NSW primary school investigated over lead contamination

NSW primary school investigated over lead contamination


“There is also evidence of some movement of lead from the rail corridor to land in the vicinity of Boyd Street associated with historic flooding and the long-term movement of sediment along a drainage line,” the spokeswoman said.


“Transport for NSW is working with the community to investigate all of the sources of lead more thoroughly and develop a long term management strategy.”

The response from the school was the implementation of a newsletter memo sent to parents that showed that school water from bores had been tested and passed.

“While elevated lead levels were returned from samples above 1.8 metres, the air monitoring results are consistent with normal air quality. Based on these results the hygienist has advised there is minimal lead exposure risk to staff and students,” the newsletter stated.


“As a precaution, the school has undergone an environmental clean and has been given a clearance certificate for dust levels by an independent hygienist confirming students and staff can return to school. An environmental clean of the residence [on site] will be completed over the holiday period.”

The family that lived in the on-site residence were relocated to limit exposure.

General Manager of Council, Warwick Bennett, advised The Goulbourn Post that he had been told that there may be “significant issues” across three further residences, but that the council was waiting on further testing.


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