Workers caught on video 31-storeys up without fall protection

Workers caught on video 31-storeys up without fall protection

CALGARY: A video posted on Reddit has launched an OHS investigation, after it appeared to show workers clearing snow off a 31-storey building without any fall protection visible.

Cam Mitchess, President of Kasa Consulting, a local health and safety organisation said that “you can see right by that railing there no they’re not wearing fall protection. Why would you take those risks? It’s totally unnecessary”

“They’re not wearing fall protection. There is a potential for a fall. They’ve got snow on the roof so there’s potential for ice. So, you’re on top of a building with ice and snow with no regard for your own safety–how can we assume you have any regard for those below?”

According to Mitchell, the work is completed because the tall buildings in the city accumulate ice and snow during the winter and it poses a risk to the safety of the public.

After the video made the news, the owner of the building has said it was looking into it.

“After seeing this video, we immediately launched an investigation which found that the employees were operating within safety guidelines by staying 6 feet from the perimeter of the building and behind railings. We will, however, take this opportunity to refer this to our joint health and safety committee for review,” read the statement/

“Anytime you’re working at heights you should have your tools properly secured so you don’t create potential hazards,” said Mitchell.

Local OHS authorities are investigating.


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