More than £22,000 in fines over failures to manage asbestos risks

More than £22,000 in fines over failures to manage asbestos risks

Two companies in the Greater Manchester area in the UK and the sole director has faced court and been fined over failing to safely manage asbestos risks during a refurbishment project.

In the Manchester Magistrates’ Court, it was heard that Titan MCR was the principal contractor on the project, which is owned by Greenfield Centre Ltd, both of which are owned by Mark Hirst.

During a surprise safety inspection by the Health and Safety Executive in 2018, it was discovered that no pre-emptive asbestos surveys had been completed, and a prohibition notice, preventing access, was placed on the building.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that chrysolite asbestos had been identified at the site, and despite no asbestos assessments being carried out, both companies continued to undertake refurbishment work.

The charges the companies faced included breaching Regulation 4(3) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and breaching Regulations 6, 11(a) and 16 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

The fines imposed upon the two companies and director totalled more than £22,000 ($42,000AUD).

Rose Leese-Weller, HSE Inspector, explained that “Mark Hirst and his two companies failed to identify the risks involved and put appropriate measures in place to prevent exposure to asbestos.

“This case highlights the importance of surveying a property for asbestos to prevent risk to anyone working in that building and to reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos.”

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