WorkSafe Victoria reports horror week

WorkSafe Victoria reports horror week

WorkSafe Victoria has confirmed three casualties on sites across the state last week.

A 69-year-old man died while assisting a colleague as part of a Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning at Gelantipy, cutting fire breaks. He was working as a spotter for his colleague who was operating a bulldozer. He lost control of his four-wheel-drive and was thrown from the vehicle when it rolled, sustaining fatal injuries.

We recently reported on the injuries sustained by a worker who was electrocuted and fell at a site in St Leonards, near Geelong, last week. He came into contact with overhead powerlines and fell, suffering serious injuries and was transported to hospital, but died from his injuries on Saturday.

A man was seriously injured in a separate incident at Mulgrave, east of Melbourne when he became trapped between a car door and an automatic car wash. His crush injuries were severe, and while he was transported to hospital he later succumbed to those injuries.

Worksafe has confirmed it is investigating all three incidents, which has brought the number of workplace fatalities in the state to 23, which is the same as this time last year.

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