Sydney air quality worse than Beijing

Sydney air quality worse than Beijing

As fires continue to burn across NSW, the air quality of Sydney yesterday registered 224 micrograms of particulates per cubic metre and as high as 340 in the Lower Hunter.

Sydney’s air quality level is considered fair below 100, and that score reflects the level specified by the National Environment Protection Measure for Ambient Air (NEPM) standard.

While the air quality improved with the southerly change yesterday evening, air quality testing still indicates that there are several regions including the Sydney Metro area as ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’.

Those with respiratory conditions are advised to stay indoors when the air quality score is over 100, with NSW Health reminding people affected to avoid exercise and carry medications with them.

“The best way to reduce exposure to smoke is to stay indoors with the doors and windows shut. Airconditioning can also help to filter particles from indoor air,” NSW Health Director of Environmental Health Dr Richard Broome said.

According to the NSW Environment Department, “air quality across other regions of NSW has improved as of Wednesday morning, however, the air quality indices (AQI) for these areas will continue to be elevated … due to rolling calculations for pollutants.”

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