Pool hinge gaskets: SafeWork Safety Alert

Pool hinge gaskets: SafeWork Safety Alert

SafeWork NSW has released information regarding the hinge gaskets used to secure glass pool fencing, advising that those installed before 2004 may contain asbestos.

While the gaskets do not pose an immediate hazard or risk to health because the asbestos is bonded internally within rubber or neoprene, SafeWork has warned that if the gasket is damaged, it may release asbestos dust and debris when removed.

SafeWork has outlined the following actions required, while further information is available on the SafeWork website regarding the safe management of asbestos.

  • If the hinges were installed after 31 December 2003, it’s unlikely the gaskets will contain asbestos.
  • Hinges installed before 2004 that are in good condition, with no visible signs of deterioration or damage to the gasket, don’t require further action.
  • If you think the hinges may contain asbestos, and they’re damaged and require replacing, contact a licensed asbestos assessor.
  • If the hinges test positive for asbestos, the assessor will tell you how to replace them safely.

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