New tech approach seeks to better prevent workplace accidents

New tech approach seeks to better prevent workplace accidents

The NSW Government is set to announce a new approach to preventing workplace accidents and improve safety across job sites. A new phone app called Speak Up, Save Lives will be launched this week as part of SafeWork month.

The app allows those on job sites to take photos of unsafe situations and report unsafe working conditions directly to SafeWork NSW. It has been developed with the help of the NSW Government and seeks the input of workers on job sites to provide real-time information about unsafe conditions, which is then ‘triaged’ by SafeWork so as to be best addressed.

The development of the app was also completed in conjunction with Patricia Cassaniti, whose son was killed when he was crushed by falling scaffolding at a construction site in Sydney’s Macquarie Park.

Mrs Cassaniti is a passionate advocate of workplace safety and has been working to improve workplace safety awareness and have sought greater action by the NSW Government to prevent workplace accidents, as well as lobbying for industrial manslaughter legislation to be introduced.

The submission of content on the app is entirely anonymous, and Mrs Cassaniti hopes that it will encourage workers to speak up when they see unsafe practices, without fear of punishment.

Mrs Cassaniti has said she’s been fighting for this for some time but was impressed that it was quite a quick process. “SafeWork NSW has worked tirelessly on this,” she said, “I’ve been fighting for this to happen and it’s happened quite quickly.”

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson, said that the tool will “give workers an easy, protected, and fast way to report any work health and safety problems they may be facing, direct to SafeWork NSW from their mobile device.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone should feel confident they can report unsafe conditions. This new tool provides another way for workers to notify SafeWork NSW of a safety concern which may impact their own wellbeing and that of their workmates.”

While only available via URL download initially, the app is expected to be approved for sale on app stores including Apple and Samsung in the coming months.

More information and a mobile link to the app is available here.




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