Suspected asbestos-containing material found unsecured near childcare centre

Suspected asbestos-containing material found unsecured near childcare centre

Worksafe Victoria is investigating the presence of unsecured material that was suspected of containing asbestos near a childcare centre at Altona recently.

The material was noticed by a CFMEU member who observed the rubble and believed it to contain broken asbestos material. He alerted workers at the site and a nearby childcare centre. The CFMEU subsequently advised the childcare centre that children should be prevented from playing outside until the situation was remedied.

Gerry Ayers, of the CFMEU’s occupational health and safety unit, said he was “horrified”. “We have advised the management of the childcare centre next door that children should not play outside until further notice, and that they register their potential exposure through the national asbestos, dust fumes and chemicals register.”

In a statement, Worksafe Victoria said: “WorkSafe has visited the site to ensure the removal of any asbestos-containing materials is appropriately managed.”

According to the ABC, who first broke the story, the material has now been secured, although it may have been unsecured for at least two weeks.

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