Calls for greater workplace safety as Health and Safety​ Month commences

Calls for greater workplace safety as Health and Safety​ Month commences

Following a horror period of workplace incidents in NSW, including a number of deaths, SafeWork has called for a greater focus on safety as Health and Safety month commences across the country.

The two main areas in focus are falls from heights and exposure to silica dust, which have been the focus for other states lately – Queensland introduced testing for silicosis, while falls from heights have been particularly prevalent in incident reporting.

Falls from heights is a leading cause of workplace fatalities and serious injuries, with the majority occurring in the construction industry, followed by transport and manufacturing.

Exposure to silica dust can occur for those who work with manufactured stone, tunnelling, foundry work or the civil and domestic construction industry (including work involving building products such as stone concrete, bricks and tiles). Working with these materials including cutting, sanding and grinding can produce fine dust which is harmful when inhaled and can lead to silicosis.

SafeWork has released the following fact sheets to assist workplaces:

SafeWork will also be doing events across the state and each state will have its own calendar of events and resources available.

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