Worker critically injured in Sydney workplace accident

Worker critically injured in Sydney workplace accident

SafeWork NSW yesterday confirmed that they were investigating another serious workplace accident, this time in Bankstown in Sydney’s South-West.
A 19-year old working on a site has been taken to hospital following an incident where a stack of MDF sheets fell onto him. It has been reported that the total weight of the timber that fell on the young worker was approximately 300kg.
“SafeWork NSW is investigating after a 19-year-old male was injured following an incident at a workplace in Bankstown this morning,” the statement said.

The incident is the second in two days involving falling materials that have resulted in crush injuries after another worker was injured in Sydney two days ago after being hit by steel pipes on a worksite.

CFMEU NSW President Rita Mallia has criticised SafeWork over the escalating number of serious workplace injuries, saying they need to do more to protect workers.

“Safework NSW is completely asleep at the wheel. They’ve failed to prevent these accidents and injuries, which they’re duty-bound to do,” she said to 9News.

Police are investigating yesterday’s accident, as well as SafeWork NSW. The young worker remains in Liverpool hospital with head injuries, in a serious condition.

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