Major safety breaches uncovered at QLD Construction site

Major safety breaches uncovered at QLD Construction site

Workers at a school under construction in Queensland have been put at risk by the unsafe practices at the site, according to a WHS inspection.

The construction company at the site, Watpac, have been issued 12 individual improvement notices and one prohibition notice for poor practice on the site.

Improvement notices were issued for defects including poor chemical storage, management of falling objects and inadequate plumbing systems after Workplace Health and Safety Queensland inspectors undertook action at the worksite on June 14.

The CFMEU claimed Watpac was “displaying a callous disregard for workers’ safety, and a cavalier approach to build quality”.

“On one job, in the course of just one day, you have a major builder found in breach of the most basic safety standards,” CFMEU assistant secretary Jade Ingham said.

“This exposed workers to a risk of death or serious injury via fall from heights, and inspectors also issued notices in relation to, among other things, unsafe storage of chemicals and lack of safe access to areas where heavy machinery is operating.”

Watpac has formally requested WorkSafe Queensland undertake an internal review of the improvement notices “for clarification regarding some discrepancies in the inspection process”.

“Watpac has a good and ongoing interface with Worksafe Queensland, and safety is our absolute priority,” a company spokeswoman said.

“The project is in good shape and the Watpac team, subcontractors and client are all focused on delivering a great school for the South Ripley community.”

WHS representatives are continuing their investigation and have reinforced the importance of safety standards at worksites.

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