SafeWork update on Operation Scaff Safe

SafeWork update on Operation Scaff Safe

SafeWork NSW has released an update on Operation Scaff Safe, a safety blitz across construction sites in NSW to highlight the importance of safety when working from heights involving scaffolding:

“Across NSW construction sites, falls from heights is the biggest cause of death and serious injury.

Scaffolds are involved in many of these falls, with non-compliant scaffolds rating among the highest risks of harm.

Improving scaffold safety is a SafeWork NSW priority so we are conducting a proactive safety initiative called Operation Scaff Safe 2019, to get the industry to set the bar higher when it comes to erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolds.
Scaffold incidents are largely a result of one of the following key factors:
  1. The scaffold was poorly erected, incomplete or had been altered to be unsafe.
  2. The scaffold was misused by workers e.g. standing on guard rails.
  3. The scaffold was assembled incorrectly, with the wrong parts, overloaded or altered by unlicensed workers.
  4. The scaffold was hit by mobile plant or vehicles, or snagged by a crane.
Throughout Operation Scaff Safe, our inspectors are visiting construction sites state-wide, to talk to principal contractors and scaffolders about what they need to do to keep workers safe.
We will be checking scaffold compliance and making sure scaffolders hold the appropriate high-risk work licence.
We want all workers on a job site to understand that unlicensed workers are not allowed to alter or remove scaffold components, as it makes them unsafe.
Our goal is to ensure scaffolds are stable and compliant when built and that the scaffold remains safe throughout the build so workers are not placed at risk.
We’re issuing on-the-spot fines of up to $3,600 for falls risks and for unlicensed workers erecting, altering or dismantling scaffolds.
We’ll issue a fine if we see situations where workers are at immediate risk, or if the workplace is a repeat offender.”
More information is available at the scaffolding SafeWork NSW page.

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