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What is VINCI?

It is an Injury Management Business Solution with its own designated Apple iPad APP designed to help you work smarter.


VINCI makes the important role of:

  • injury management advisors,
  • rehabilitation consultants,
  • return to work coordinators,
  • case managers,
  • WHS and HR consultants




 A whole lot easier, hence the name ‘VINCI’ –which is Latin for “Overcome”.


The main functionalities of VINCI includes:

  • Ability to easily develop and store electronically your organisations ‘Job Task Analysis/ dictionaries (JTA)’.
  • Ability to quickly develop ‘Return to Work Plans’ on the spot from the directory of JTAs for both compensable and non-compensable matters.
  • Ability to generate ‘Worksite Assessment Reports’ live while on site


All-in-all this product will save you time and money in more ways than one.  Its mobile functionality and simplicity in use will have all your staff queuing up to use it.


A few additional features of the VINCI APP

  • Easily populated Return to Work Plans, JTAs and Worksite assessments
  • Reports can be generated on the spot and electronically signed and emailed live. No more emailing stakeholders later asking for signatures, get it done on the spot
  • Suitable or alternate duties can be identified immediately from the directory of JTAs and the respective tasks then populated to generate a return to work plan live that can be agreed and authorised by all stakeholders on the spot.
  • The directory of JTAs is of great use when it comes to ‘Pre-Employment Medicals’ and ‘Fitness to Continue assessments’ as the assessors can easily access the relevant JTA which outlines the various tasks and the physical and cognitive demands to perform the set tasks.  This will assist in ensuring discrimination laws are adhered too.
  • The directory of JTAs and Worksite assessments can also be easily accessible to medical practitioners conducting an Independent Medical Examination (IME) for workers compensation matters.
  • Can assist in the prevention of WHS issues.
  • Centralised location to securely store essential corporate knowledge that is accessible by all authorised personal at any-time, anywhere.
  • The software is easy to deploy and administer, hence your organisation will be up and running with the application is no time.
  • Finally the VINCI APP communicates with our custom built Injury Management Business Solution portal, which provides the complete business solution including the capability of invoicing and workflow management.




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